Mid Week Mini: Extreme Violence (Amiga)

Extreme Violence


Developed by: Simon Green

Released: 1991

Genre: 2 Player Shooter


 Extreme Violence is a 2 player combat game written in AMOS (Amiga version of BASIC) and originally released in 1991, although I expect most gamers got their copy free with Amiga Power (Issue 24, April 1993 p. 34-35) cover disk 24. The game was coded and developed by Simon Green.

Battle takes place in a maze/arena with the screen split down the middle and both players are placed far enough away that there is at least a few seconds before someone is killed. The object of the game is basically “shoot first, sod the questions”. Its kill or be killed and the first to 10, tracked by the score counter at the bottom of the screen, is declared the winner!

The graphics and sounds are basic, but the game play is awesome. The action is fast and you really need your wits about you, the controls are easy and the map scrolls smoothly, making finding each other fast and dealing out some pain inevitable.  The game has a great range of weapons and power ups. Some of the best are:

Magic Bullets – Go through walls

Bouncy Bullets – The kind that go round corners and off walls, and luckily don’t come back to bite you on the ass

Power Laser – A wider field of ‘oncoming death’

Speed Boots – Making running away from your homicidal opponent more efficient

Extreme Violence is a game I first played at a mate’s house on his Amiga and one I’ve wanted to play again since then. Finally, having discovered the cover disk again I had the opportunity to revisit this on my Amiga, and I still love it. After roping in a willing volunteer to play a few rounds that old feeling of anticipation and excitement came flooding back as you run like the clappers around the map hoping you find the weapon or power up first.

This all leads to the final battle, which, given the players have no health bar, is over pretty quickly. A brilliant and fun game, the simple graphics do not matter in the heat of the battle. Extreme Violence is a game you can just switch off to and happily play for a couple of hours.


5 thoughts on “Mid Week Mini: Extreme Violence (Amiga)

  1. This was a great game considering how simple it was. Definitely one my few old Amiga favorites that truly aged well enough to enjoy as much today as I did back then!

    Pretty cool to see the legit disk with this game on it, though. Mine was just a copy like 90% of my other Amiga games.

    Editor, Board Game Reviews

  2. This game was ace, I remember my stepdad bringing this home, we wasted so many hours on it an loved every minute. Bouncy bullets rule!

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