Retro Adverts from Amiga Action

Retro Adverts

Amiga Action

Amiga Action 33 June 92

This post will take a look back at some of those more persuasive pages (tucked in between the reviews, previews and cheats sections) in gaming magazines of old, otherwise known as adverts! As an adult (subject to debate) I generally find adverts these days to be tedious and I skip over them as quickly as possible, however, as a child there was nothing better than seeing a brightly coloured, eye-catching ad showing me a glimpse of the next upcoming game to be released. These ads had much more appeal and I certainly didn’t skip over them. I now look back on these ads with fondness, I would turn the page  and the ad would immediately catch my attention with the selection of bright colours, words and pictures (some in-game if you were lucky) and usually persuade me to buy it.

I’ve decided to take a look first at Amiga Action, not my favourite of the Amiga magazines but definitely a good one for a wide selection of ads. Below is a gallery of some of my favourites and hopefully will also stir some similar memories for other Amiga fans! I’m very much an artist at heart and the presentation of the ads really appeals to me to this day, I have the same nostalgic feeling for certain pieces of gaming box art as well. Hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any particular favourite adverts from back in the day, or favourite box art! A few of my favourites from below will always be the great art work on the Gobliiins ad, the distinct word art of Sensible Soccer and the more cartoony looks of Dizzy, Hagar and Parasol Stars.

Please also take a look at the Retro Collect post below who have put together a selection of advertisements from a range of retro gaming magazines!

Advertisements from Retro Game Magazines Part 1

Thanks to Retro Collect for being a constant source of retro awesomeness and inspiration, especially for this post, and to Amiga Magazine Rack for the advertisement scans.


5 thoughts on “Retro Adverts from Amiga Action

  1. I particularly remember the Universal Monsters one – mostly because the game never actually came out in the end, despite receiving extensive press coverage.

    The Bitmap Brothers one is definitely the looker out of the bunch though.

    1. The Universal Monsters is one I always remember too, mainly because it seemed to appear in different Amiga magazines every month. I had no idea it was never released though, maybe they spent all their money on advertising!

      The Bitmap Brothers one seems ahead of its time, it definitely stands out from the rest.

      1. Thanks for the link! Its so sad that some of these games never made it, it actually looks like a really good game too! Shame someone can’t just pick it up where they left off and release it on virtual console as a new release.

  2. Nice post, I agree – adverts used to be much more appealing. I had a whole wall covered in cut-out ads from my Speccy mags when I was younger! 🙂 Of the ads above, the Pang one is my favourite 🙂

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