Eurogamer Expo 2011: Playing Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

Developer: ArenaNet

Publisher: NCsoft

Had an opportunity to play Guild Wars 2 this morning at the Eurogamer Expo,  being held at Earls Court. It was on the top of my list to play so knowing these things can get quite busy I made a beeline straight for the game! Available was a fully playable demo that allowed you to create a character, complete quests and objectives, join a team and take out as many enemies as you could handle, the demo itself had a 40 minute playing limit attached, which is understandable giving the amount of interest in the game and how busy it was later in the day.

First off, the 40 minutes flew by, the game is as addictive as its predecessor and extremely fun to play, the graphics are gorgeous and the environments instantly drew me into the action. Feeling bold, as ever, I chose to make a character from the new Sylvari race, you can learn more about this new race on the Guild Wars 2 website, see link below. The character creation is much more immersive and detailed than before, with the addition of being able to choose a character from a different race. You can choose from Human, Charr, Norn, Asura and Sylvari.

The professions also have a few new additions in the form of Thief, Engineer and Guardian. The only profession I couldn’t see was Mesmer, my favourite from the first Guild Wars, so instead I went for my second favourite, Ranger. The game play itself was smooth and the controls a lot more refined, considering this game wasn’t ‘ready’ yet the demo itself was amazing, if this was a glimpse of what was to come than I’d say Guild Wars 2 will be immense. Movement is through the mouse and keyboard, combat isn’t as ‘locked in’ as it was in the first game, by this I mean there is better scope for dodging, and er, running away. A feature no longer in this game is the ability to move your character by just clicking on the area around you, this took a little getting used to. However, in recollection of the first game,  it used to be a pain going to click on an enemy to attack and running off into the distance by mistake.

During the 40 minutes our team of characters spoke to several non-playing characters in order to take on missions, which proceeded to be defending various camps, towns and shorelines from enemy invasion. The combat system is excellent and easy to use, with keyboard and mouse use in order to make various attacks, enhancements and healing. There was also the opportunity to use weapons such as catapults and cannons.

The ArenaNet and NCsoft guys were really helpful in answering questions about the game and extremely knowledgable about both Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars. I’m sure if I were a better interviewer I could have asked some more fascinating questions, but unfortunately I’m not! Here’s a brief outline of what I learned (not much – Ed)

No release date as yet (Boo! Hiss!)

Adjusted control method (which was easy to learn)

Expanded character creation, different races, new professions

No monthly fee (music to my ears)

Characters can now jump (and also fall off cliff edges *sigh*)

Characters can now go into water and swim to other areas

The environments now feature weather!

I took some pics of game play, but they really don’t do the game justice. Time for a better camera.

For more information on the new race the Sylvari, please go here, the site also has plenty of other information on the games new races, professions and other features!

Other websites of interest:


Guild Wars 2


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For now, here’s a trailer to keep you going until it’s released! Great game, great guys at the event, really sold it to me. Looking forward to this one and highly recommend it.


5 thoughts on “Eurogamer Expo 2011: Playing Guild Wars 2

  1. Just to clarify, because apparently this is causing some confusion, I stated “The only profession I couldn’t see was Mesmer” which is a fact.

    I made no assumption or clarification that this would or wouldn’t be the 8th profession in the game in the future.

    I appreciate constructive criticism, and correction when facts are wrong, but I’m a little disturbed people are branding me a liar and misleading.

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