Reality Glitch Online 2nd Birthday!

Eurogamer Expo
A comically oversized character from the 80's, and Mario!

Reality Glitch Online

2nd Birthday!

Technically it was yesterday, October 31st, but in best blogging tradition I didn’t have time to mark this awesome occasion. *Note in diary – make more time*.

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween, if you celebrate it of course, and if you don’t then I still hope you had an awesome time! Reality Glitch Online has made it to two years old, it celebrated its birthday by reaching just over 4000 hits this month (I have no idea if thats good) but considering its first month 2 years ago it barely reached 500 I’m going to say it’s a plus.

It’s been a good year for RGO, I’ve managed to blog almost every month, as well as go to a few actual events this past year as well, namely the Manga UK 20th Anniversary Party, London Film and Comic Con and the Eurogamer Expo 2011. Last year I listed a few tips on blogging, gathered from around the interweb and I am pleased to say I have put most of them into practice over the coming year. One of the more adventurous ones was to get out there and actually meet some people. Making connections and networking was one I’ve been trying to expand on since last year, mainly through events such as above, or on Twitter and Facebook, and since then I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some awesome people!

I’ve definitely got more than a few thanks to make to everyone who has supported me, the guys online who’ve helped make this blog better every year, especially the ones who read it 🙂 I urge you to check out some of the sites listed in my blogroll on the side, and in particular the awesome sites listed below and many more I follow on twitter! Special thanks to my wife for proofreading my often terrible grammar (apparently I’m in love with commas) and spelling, she’s a star and Buzz Killington for his awesome contributions to the site!

Retro Collect

Red Parsley

Lemon Amiga

Retro Fusion

Old Game Reviewer

Next years wish list, Replay Expo in Blackpool, and definitely more Eurogamer. Christmas blog post has already been planned, when I’ve asked for suggestions for games to review this one has come up several times so it’ll finally be here this December! I’ll also be reporting from the SFX Weekender in February 2012.

A few of my favourite posts from the last year are listed below, mainly because the research side of it was so much fun, from watching old episodes of Bad Influence! to looking through all the Amiga magazines to find some of my favourite adverts!

Bad Influence

Hero Quest (Amiga)

Retro Adverts from Amiga Action

Monkey Island Halloween by Kenjiartworks on deviantArt

One thought on “Reality Glitch Online 2nd Birthday!

  1. Congratulations sir! Two years of splendid and entertaining posts 🙂 Thanks for including my humble page in your list too 🙂

    By the way, you’re lucky you have someone to proof-read your posts. I don’t and I’m as comma-happy as you apparently are!

    I was annoyed not to be able to attend Replay this year but I hope to see you at next year’s event. Until then, keep posting your great… umm… posts – I’ll be looking out for them 😉

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