Eurogamer Expo 2012: The Cave

Thanks to @8_BitGirl for the pic, my camera had run out of battery by this point.

So much to play, so little time, that pretty much summed up the Eurogamer Expo this year, as there was plenty on offer to try for all. A few games came top of the list to try first, one of these was The Cave. A multi-character puzzle platformer from adventure guru Ron Gilbert and Double Fine. On offer was a 2 player demo which involved using up to 3 characters from a selection of 7 to choose from.

The level itself was relatively simple (good for me) and a nice introduction to the type of puzzle game play you’ll experience in the full game, it offered a small taster of the fantastic creativity and heart that has gone into the level design, character creation and humour, already shining through in this demo. Playing it was fun and a pleasure right from the start. The graphics and animations were brilliant and really drew you into the game, the character selection had the glow of nostalgia (à la Maniac Mansion) and will be even better in the full game, as depending on which characters you use will depend on how the game plays out.

I played through the demo with the awesome @8_BitGirl  and completed it in good time (it helped that we’d been watching other people play whilst queuing), the game definitely encouraged team work, whether between players or just by selecting and using your characters for different tasks. It was great to watch people play and an even better experience actually playing it for yourself. For me, there were a few nostalgic nods to previous games from Ron Gilbert, from the Grog machine (Monkey Island) to the character selection (Maniac Mansion) this has the word classic written all over it. I’m also certain the lady character in The Cave (with the glasses) is related to the librarian from Phatt Island in Monkey Island 2: Le Chucks Revenge.

Distant relative? Could just be the glasses….

The demo lasted until you had solved the main puzzle (involving buckets, fuses, crow bars and a weenie) and left me with a good feeling about this game. As a bonus, for your all your hard work and time playing, you were rewarded with a Cave action figure of one of the characters, mine was the monk type dude below.

The Cave action figure, which one did you get?

For a more in-depth preview of the game please head on over to the Eurogamer website The Cave Preview.

For more information take a peek at the games official site The Cave Game, there is also further news, screen shots and links to other reviews of The Cave, over at Grumpy Gamer, or check out the announcement trailer from The Cave below.


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