Eurogamer Expo 2012: Highlights Part 2

Minecraft meets Earthworm Jim, with a sneak attack from Sub-Zero! Only at the Eurogamer Expo.

Eurogamer Expo 2012 highlights Part 2, a collection of random thoughts and pictures from the event. Tomb Raider and the Wii U pretty much took us up to lunch time (we had burgers). After that it was back to the show floor for some more gaming. At this point I’m actually a little fuzzy on which order we did things in but here are few of the games and other activities we tried in the afternoon.

I headed over to Far Cry 3, another game on the top of my list to try. Unlike the other demo’s so far (Tomb Raider was a whole playable section, no time limit) Wii U and Nintendo Land (you could probably stay there all day if you wanted) where as Far Cry 3 was a more free reign open world experience, with your first and only objective (as far as I could see) to locate the radar station, something pointed out to you by the Far Cry 3 team, rather than the game.

One thing I should probably clear up first, Far Cry 3 looks good, graphics, game play and control system tick all the right boxes, with echoes of what made the first Far Cry game so appealing. However, the way the demo was set up didn’t do the gaming experience itself any favours. The team ‘on hand’ looking over your shoulder was a little annoying, poised ready to say ‘times up’, plus the sheer amount of onlookers who thought it best to give you a running commentary on your gaming skills whilst you were playing (I had at least 4 backseat drivers). My one and only irritating experience of the Expo. I still have high hopes for Far Cry 3, what I played of the demo I enjoyed, but it didn’t really reveal anything about the storyline and unfortunately I couldn’t block out the external influences.

After Far Cry 3 we wandered the show room floor, taking random pictures and playing random games. This included an arcade shoot em up in the retro zone, one that unfortunately I cannot remember the name of but it was pretty good. There was a stand with Carmageddon on the iPhone which we gave a quick go, as well as watching a few games being played in the indie game area.

Competitions wise we entered to win a Wii U, collecting the stamps for playing Nintendo Land mini games, a competition to win an Alienware gaming laptop by registering with them, and we also went along to the Insert Coin Tee’s giveaway, which was random at best, and occasionally a bit violent. We ended the day playing The Cave, reviewed in an earlier post. A fantastic day all round and another great Eurogamer Expo, already looking forward to next year! Thanks for tuning in.


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