A quick question, retro gaming collectors…

A few weeks back I posted a question on twitter:

“What do you think is the hardest retro console/computer to collect for?”

A collectors dream… (nightmare)?

I’ve been collecting games for the Commodore Amiga since I was old enough to start buying them myself. Early Christmas presents aside, some of my first games I bought 2nd hand were from a shop down in charlotte street market in Portsmouth, from a shop called Silver Moon games. I bought Lemmings 2: The Tribes and Lure of the Temptress. The shop unfortunately is no longer there, it disappeared along with the market itself and eventually the entire Tricorn centre.

Since Amiga titles are no longer available on a large-scale (naturally), it’s becoming more and more difficult to track down titles I’d like to buy (even from retro gaming stores) and sometimes if I do find them they are way out of my price range. I’ve been to many car boot sales across the South coast, and I’ve never successfully found an Amiga game for sale, aside from a few close calls when I mistook a selection of big box PC games, from a distance, for Amiga games.

Sadly, eBay is my main source of Amiga collecting and I’m very picky about what and who I buy from on there. Unless I travel much further afield in my search (North of the country would make the most sense), I don’t think I’ll have much hope of finding a cache of Amiga loot. I still search car boots in the small hope I’ll come across a seller who has cleared their Amiga games out of their loft and wants to sell them to me. I continue, albeit stubbornly, to collect Amiga games.

A moment of curiosity…

In a moment of curiosity, I thought I’d ask the question above. After a few minutes of answers it became clear a few trends were appearing, particularly collectors from  the US who don’t have access to say, specific European releases, and vice versa.

A few consoles were also mentioned a few times, the Neo-Geo and the TurboGrfx 16, it was also great to hear a few names I’d only just learned about. Below are some of the consoles mentioned and their respective tweeters:

  • Dave Clark‏ – @imagamegeek

Got to be snes or neo geo, gave up on snes years ago … Neo geo is the ultimate arcade console in the home

  • Kimimi – @_Kimimi

As a foreigner, I’d say old Jp computers like the Sharp X-1 and PC88. Hard to find games & usually expensive when you do!

  • Retro Corps  – @Retrocorps

Got to be Neo Geo. You have to have OIL MONEY to have a complete collection…

  • Weird And Retro –@WeirdAndRetro

Maybe not THE hardest but definitely up there is for NUON! Ironically only 7 games released + 1 Korean, but good luck completing it!

  • Paul Darbyshire – @pablo_0151

I reckon the Neo Geo AES might be in with a shout… some pricey stuff on that. Or the Apple Pippin?!

  • Steve Petrucelli  – @wizzer2801

Region specific consoles. Still tough to find that ZX over here.

  • Retro Nick – @Retron8

I’d agree with that (ZX), unless of course you occupy that region… PC-FX is real tricky to collect for.

  • Steve – @chevytecobx

For me I haven’t started any TG-16 stuff, its hard to find local and too expensive (not an eBay fan).

  • Robert Crampton – @Smuggsy

My 1st thought was a SNES, not coz of the age, but finding a good condition cardboard boxed game can be difficult!

This was a great eye opener to the perils of collecting for certain consoles and computers, I see from this small example there are plenty of games and machines out there that can be classed as difficult to collect for, ranging from availability and rarity, to finding games in good condition boxes.

My next collecting project? Hmmm, maybe...
My next collecting project? Hmmm, maybe…

Thanks to everyone on twitter for their replies and opinions, and good luck with the collecting! Let me know what your own collecting troubles and problems have been by leaving a comment below, thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “A quick question, retro gaming collectors…

    1. The Neo Geo does seem to come up quite often as a tough one to collect for, possibly more for the high prices than anything else, and as you mentioned, not a good thing when even the terrible games you have to pay a fortune for!

  1. A few more responses below from Twitter!

    George Bray‏ – @GeorgeBray

    #Wonderswan #VirtualBoy #Vectrex & #PCEngineDuo

    Newcastle Arcade‏ – @NewcastleArcade

    the VC4000 is pretty hard (at least financially) to collect boxed games for… but overall I’d say the Casio Loopy.

    Shawn – ‏@game_mana

    great read! I think it’s region specific. Tg16 is not in my area but I see vids of guys finding tons in there town

    Retro Rampage – ‏@theretrorampage

    One of the hardest consoles to collect for is definitely the TurboDuo R (PC Engine), expensive and rare 😥

    Games Asylum – ‏@gamesasylum

    The 32X and GX4000 both had games released in very few numbers.

  2. I’m a bit late as usual! It’s a very good question and one I’ve asked myself numerous times. I guess the obvious choice is the Neo Geo due to sheer expense but others like NES and PS1 have their own challenges if you’re going for complete sets. Even the Amiga, and ST etc as well… I often thought about collecting for them but then I realised I had enough problems with corrupt disks even 20 years ago, never mind now! 😐

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