Where in the world is Reality Glitch? (trilby optional)

How to ruin a pretty picture in one easy move.
How to ruin a pretty picture in one easy move.

Well, I’m still here, but quite frankly for the last 4 months I’ve been permanently cream crackered, having almost completely forgotten I even have a blog. Now don’t get too excited, I’ll be away from here for a bit longer but I’ll be back for the Eurogamer Expo in September (I’ll be there on Thursday and Friday so come say hi). So, to keep you from getting bored I’ve listed a few of my favourite sites and blogs from around the interwebs (mostly via twitter).

It’s certainly an eclectic mix, and possibly not what you’d expect (?) Either way it’s a nice mix of mindless fun and informative entertainment, and naturally, some retro gaming.

8-Bit Girl

The Games Shed

  • The Games Shed is brought to you by Mark and Jamie and in their own words are two “80′s born die-hard gamers from London, UK”. They’ve built up a spectacular amount of retro gaming videos to share, including news and reviews, challenges, lets plays, interviews and retro gaming collections.
  • Follow them over on twitter @GamesShed or check out their website for more info, http://www.thegamesshed.com/

Rooster Teeth (Achievement Hunter)

  • I’ve only just discovered these guys (better late than never?), they were recommended to me on twitter, specifically for the entertaining (and unique) ‘lets play’ stylings of the Achievement Hunter crew. To be honest it took me awhile to get used to the banter, but it’s incredibly funny to listen to how each of them react to each other whilst playing a game, reminding me of the old days of LAN gaming with a group of mates.
  • Not for everyone, but its first class comedy at times and great general background noise for a dull day at the office, visit http://roosterteeth.com/home.php for more info or follow them on twitter @AchievementHunt

Red Parsley, 1 More Castle, Game Freak Blog (a few of my favourite things)

“Gigantic nerd and gamer since birth! Yt channel name Gamefreakblog. I love games. Part of the Zoomin TV gaming network. My thoughts are not theirs”

“I’m RKS, retro-gaming fanatic (and movie and anime fan). Please visit my blog if you’d like to read my ramblings”

“Like old video games? We do – And we want to become your #1 retro gaming destination on the web”

Retro Nick Radio

  • I’ve been listening to this one for a while now and it’s definitely my favourite retro gaming show on the interwebs. The banter is first class and informative, with a dash of comedy genius once in a while. It does exactly what it says on the blurb “RetroNick Radio is five friends who share the common loves of drinking, talking, and playing classic video games. Tune in weekly!”
  • Follow @RetroNickRadio and tune in live if you can, if not catch up on missed episodes over at http://www.retronick.com/, check out the Caption this Crap! section and leave a comment!

You could call this my ‘top 5’ go-to places if you like, they certainly brighten my day and make life just that little bit more fun. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the fantastic blogs, sites, and podcasts I visit, or in fact that are out there, as they say, each to their own. If I listed them all you’d be bored stiff.

Keep an eye on my Follow Fridays on twitter, a lot of places not listed will end up there. There’s plenty more out there I’d love to give a shout out too, you guys make being part of the gaming and retro gaming community a pleasure and I thank you all for putting your content out there for us to absorb and enjoy.


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