Retro computing magazines

Retro computing magazines

A couple of retro computing magazines I acquired over the Christmas holiday, What Micro? from August 1984, and Personal Computer World from December 1981.

I’ll get around to reading them at some point and sharing my views!


One thought on “Retro computing magazines

  1. I, here his the Puffy Saga programmer. If you want to finish the game, you must adopt a guerilla combat style : avoid contact with massive squadron of ennemy. Advance, lure some ennemy, retreat, kill them away of the group, otherwise theu will flock at you and kill you rapidely. Use the demolishable brick to build trap for Tornado. Use your brain ! There are sublte way of passing through the levels without damage. Try to understand the logic, because there is one in every level. This is a logic game, not a blast them all, more a avoid them all (but kill a few) Good Luck

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