Reality Glitch Plays: James Pond 2 – Robocod

Well, here it is, a game play video with commentary. Let the awkward silences and uncertainties about what to bloody say prevail.

I don’t even introduce what game I’m playing.

Need to work out how to reduce the noise from the keyboard to, and maybe increase the volume on my own audio track. Any tips for doing this would be greatly appreciated!

Also, if anyone can tell me what a teddy bear plate is I would also really appreciate it.

Thanks for watching 🙂

All the best,



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5 Responses to “Reality Glitch Plays: James Pond 2 – Robocod”

  1. Old School Game Blog Says:

    Hi mate! Congrats on the first video with commentary. 🙂 I had to crank the volume up pretty loud to hear your voice and the in-game music. Hopefully you can get this sorted until next time. Thanks for a great video and already looking forward to the next. 🙂

    PS: Can we suggest games for you to play?

  2. James Hare Says:

    Many thanks for watching and the feedback, I’ll work on the sound for the next one. I’m pretty softly spoken so I’ll try and speak a little louder too 🙂

    You can suggest games, can’t make any promises I’ll play them though 😛

  3. Old School Game Blog Says:

    Nice! 🙂 I’ll think of some games to suggest. Perhaps you could do Crazy Cars III or Chuck Rock?

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