Dreamworld Pogie

Dreamworld Pogie! I love it when a plan comes together, especially if it’s someone else’s sweet Kickstarter plan. Dizzy legends the Oliver Twins have released this little gem of a game which arrived last week. The game arrived in its plastic casing and is signed on the front by Philip and Andrew Oliver. The picture … More Dreamworld Pogie

Stop making an egghibit of yourself… Treasure Island Dizzy

Treasure Island Dizzy Genre: Puzzle/Platformer Year: 1989 Publisher: Codemasters Disks: 1 Music: Allister Brimble Ah Treasure Island Dizzy, eggcellent game, you might even say… eggquisite? Ahem. I could crack plenty of those yolks but I eggpect I would lose those few loyal readers I have, and fear they would be poached from me to another blog. Right, all … More Stop making an egghibit of yourself… Treasure Island Dizzy

Spellbound Dizzy (Amiga)

Spellbound Dizzy Developed and published in 1992 by Codemasters Spellbound Dizzy is just one game in a long series of egg related shenanigans involving the Yolkfolk (this time with the help of Theo the Wizard). Each game follows the usual set of rules and gameplay, (puzzle solving platformer with inventory menu and dodgy music) but … More Spellbound Dizzy (Amiga)