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Drawlloween 2016 Gallery 2

October 31, 2016

img_20161001_195150Final picture drawn and posted on twitter for Drawlloween, was a challenging year as the daily themes were pretty vague, and led to some pretty weird drawings.

Below you can take a look at the pictures I drew for the second half of the month, from the 17th “Mad Science Monday” to the 31st “Trick ‘R’ Treat”. Each picture has the date/number and the theme for that day.

From this second gallery I think my favourites have got to be the 19th “Witchcraft Wednesday”, 25th “Entombed Tuesday” and the 31st “Trick ‘R’ Treat”.

Thanks for looking and have a Happy Halloween!

All the best,



Drawlloween 2016 Gallery 1

October 28, 2016


Hi all, another year another Drawlloween, managed to keep to a drawing (almost) everyday this year, been fitting it in where I can and played catch up only twice which was a nice surprise.

Below you can take a look at the pictures I drew for the first half of the month, from the 1st “Return of the Dead” to the 16th “Full Moon!”. Each picture has the date/number and the theme for that day.

From this first gallery I think my favourites have got to be the 4th “Tentacle Tuesday”, 11th “Foggy Bogs” (my weird sense of humour), and the 16th “Full Moon!”.

Thanks for looking and Gallery 2 to follow shortly!

All the best,


Drawlloween 2015 Part 2

November 2, 2015


Drawlloween is at an end! I actually managed to draw 31 pictures in 31 days, quite a challenge and didn’t think I’d do it, there must have been something in the water.

Anyways without anymore delay, here is Part 2 (17-31), if you missed Part 1 (drawings 1-16) the link can be found at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for looking and all the best 🙂


Drawlloween Part 1

Drawlloween 2015 Part 1

October 19, 2015


Drawlloween 2015 is upon us! And also mostly over, still, better late than never.

In varying degrees of success, and whilst trying to maintain some sort of artistic integrity, I’ve managed to keep up so far with a daily drawing based on a Halloween theme.

I’ve been following the list below found on the awesome site Geek Mash.


Here are my attempts so far, numbers 1-16, some in a random order, and mostly presented in terrible photographic quality.

Thanks for looking, will post the second half sometime in November, but if you can’t wait until then, I’ll be posting the daily updates over on twitter, see below and follow.

All the best,


Happy Anniversary Reality Glitch…

October 31, 2013
The scariest face you'll see all day

The scariest face you’ll see all day

… which also just happens to be Halloween. Reality Glitch was born 4 years ago today, on a dark stormy Halloween night, in a small grave yard, just behind an old abandoned toy factory down the road from a mental asylum. 

I logged into WordPress and began this rather inconsistent, plot hole ridden blogging expedition into the unknown. My first blog post was a rather dismal attempt to review Dune II on the Amiga, it was okay, but it sounded a bit forced. These days I just write whatever rhubarb appears in my head, I’m amazed Reality Glitch is still going.

Anyways, on this anniversary day, and totally not a Halloween blog post*, here are a few spooky titles I’ve enjoyed playing over the years on the Amiga.


You know those bad dreams you were having... well...

You know those bad dreams you’ve been having… well…

Genre: Horror, Point ‘n’ Click Adventure

Released: 1992

Publisher: Cyberdreams

Disks: 7

I was always a huge HR Giger fan, I loved watching the Alien movies (before I was even technically allowed too), I used Giger as an inspiration for my GCSE art project, so when I saw Darkseed advertised I remember desperately wanting to track down a copy. It wasn’t until the late 90’s when I finally got my hands on it.

I loved the graphics and atmosphere and to a certain extent the story. I say certain extent because to be honest I’ve never completed it. Certain scenes in the game are ingrained in my mind to this day, mostly the animated parts with the baby on the doorstep, the nightmare and dream sequences, and more specifically the way the staircase is made of skulls when you cross over into the dark world. I never wanted to sleep in the game (or at all sometimes) as I knew something bizarre would happen again.

The Addams Family

If you've got a movie coming out, think Ocean.

If you’ve got a movie coming out, think Ocean.

Genre: Platformer

Released: 1992

Publisher: Ocean

Disks: 1

I remember getting this based on playing the demo on a cover disk, I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a great platformer and really fun to play, the characters are nicely drawn and look like their movie counterparts (for the most part) and this gives the whole game a great cartoony feel.

The level design I thought was excellent, vivid bright colours were nice against the dark, spooky back drops. Although pretty linear most of the time (even with all the doors etc) the gameplay and controls were simple and effective and made for a fun gaming experience, there’s plenty of secrets as well to keep you coming back. It was great to see a movie tie-in game with the actual theme music as well.

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

Horror AND boobs. The things that fascinate you as you grow up eh.

Horror AND boobs. The things that fascinate you as you grow up eh.

Genre: Horror RPG

Released: 1990

Developer: Horrorsoft

Disks: 5

Being frightfully honest now (Ha, frightfully – Ed) I was as much drawn into this game by the character of Elvira as I was by the “I probably shouldn’t be playing this” feeling of daring and curiosity. It didn’t do me any harm playing this as a kid, but clearly after playing it, it was meant for a more mature audience.

It’s definitely less camp classic (like the movie) and more Horrorsoft pulling out all the stops gore and terror wise. I managed to finish this but I’m almost certain it took me a few years, and a few magazine walk-throughs to do it. Despite the difficulty being very hard it’s a great game, the atmosphere is second to none and the music creepy and unsettling.

Alien Breed Special Edition 1992

Stay frosty people...

Stay frosty people…

Genre: Top down Shoot ’em Up

Released: 1992

Publisher: Team 17

Disks: 2

This always reminded me of The Chaos Engine, but instead of a steam punk inspired nightmare you’re instead stuck in a claustrophobic alien inspired nightmare, with hordes of the nasty buggers hiding around every corner waiting to destroy you. Perfect.  An awesome game (extremely fun in 2 player mode) and a great atmosphere with plenty of tension.

I remember it being tough as nails, especially if you got pushed into a corner, a dead-end or stuck in a room. The lack of keys to open doors as well is something I remember being a little frustrating, given the pace of, and tension, in the game. The lack of keys is the only fault I can bring to this game, however it does not detract from the gameplay, which has plenty of polish, action and neat ideas.


Just like when you went to Madame Tussauds and found out how much a ticket cost... frightening.

Just like when you went to Madame Tussauds and found out how much a ticket cost… frightening.

Genre: Horror RPG

Released: 1993

Developer: Horrorsoft

Disks: 10

Waxworks on the Amiga is the creepiest of the horror games I’ve ever played (if waxworks weren’t creepy enough). It is another RPG and much in the same style as Elvira, not surprising as Horrorsoft developed Waxworks, as well as the Elvira sequel, Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus.  The game provides a chance to delve into numerous horror clichés and scenarios, making for a varied and all round fun game playing experience.

The quality of the graphics and the eerie sound effects really brought the waxworks to life (no pun intended) and made for some pretty stomach churning scenes. I spent most of the game staring with fascination at the waxworks more than playing the actual game. I didn’t make it through the whole game either, the 10 disks eventually destroyed at least one of my external disk drives, I’ve blamed this game ever since.

Thanks for reading, let me know you favourite horror games below in the comments 🙂

*totally, maybe a Halloween blog post…

Great Scott!!!

October 31, 2010

Great Scott!!!


A short note and update in the world of Reality Glitch Online. Not only is this a year for some awesome anniversary’s (Mario and Back to the Future both celebrating 25 years) but it is a year ago today that I also started my blog.

My first post was on October 31st 2009 and was Dune II for the Amiga 500, follow the link to take a look!

Dune II Review (Amiga)

I still have the scribble sheet somewhere with a list of names and titles for the blog. Most of them involved the word retro somewhere along the line and the word gaming, however as I had no idea what I really wanted to write about I didn’t want to corner myself so early in the game!

Reality Glitch Online seemed to be nice and non-committal to any particular section of entertainment, allowing me to explore the usual array of games, movies, TV, theatre and of course retro gaming. Almost shortened it to RGO but thought I might get mistaken for RKO Pictures, silly me.

Still it’s been a great year, plenty to celebrate even in the face of adversity at some points, throughout I have stuck to one of my main goals and that was to keep this blog going. At the risk of this turning into a ‘Dear Diary’ moment, I started out with some bold goals (I think it was to post twice a week) amounting to 8 posts a month and 96 posts for the year, sadly I didn’t reach these dizzy heights of posting, but I’m hoping in this case it was quality over quantity!

Over the year I’ve managed to accumulate a larger back log of retro consoles and games, including a SNES and a NES (one was free, thank you Emma) and the other was £3 from a car boot sale. On top of this a menagerie of Amiga and Sega Mega Drive games, most of which also came from car boot sales, between 50p and £1 a game, you’ve really got to route through huge amounts of stuff to find those bargains.

Below are a few tips gathered from my own experience and from the interweb on blogging, in case anyone else is insane enough to start one:

1) Set aside time on a daily basis to write to improve style and voice. This could be as little as 30 minutes of writing or a single page.

2) Beat your self-doubt and inner critic. I have both and they often run rampant.

3) Connect with readers – I always see this as responding to comments, being open to feedback and tips and constructive criticism.

4) Promote your blog, double posting and spamming not advisable. Also promote and connect with others at least 3

Guybrush Threepwood

Happy Halloween 🙂

times a week.

5) Ask some questions on why you’re writing and what you’re writing. How will the reader react or benefit from reading your posts.

6) Avoid too many rants (unless of course that’s what your blog is about I guess) I prefer upbeat and helpful posts that leave me feeling informed and positive about something.

7) Develop your story telling ability and think about your writing voice – how the reader can hear you.


Most of all enjoy what you are writing, and set yourself realistic goals.

Thanks for reading and hopefully plenty more posts to come soon 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and Happy Halloween!