Bad Influence!

Bad Influence  Year: 1992 – 1996 Genre: Video Game Show shown on CITV Presenters: Violet Berlin, Andy Crane, Nam Rood, Z Wright, Studio Audience I loved watching Bad Influence! Back in the day it was an awesome video games show which covered all the latest (back then) games consoles, games and technology, from the SNES to the … More Bad Influence!

Stop making an egghibit of yourself… Treasure Island Dizzy

Treasure Island Dizzy Genre: Puzzle/Platformer Year: 1989 Publisher: Codemasters Disks: 1 Music: Allister Brimble Ah Treasure Island Dizzy, eggcellent game, you might even say… eggquisite? Ahem. I could crack plenty of those yolks but I eggpect I would lose those few loyal readers I have, and fear they would be poached from me to another blog. Right, all … More Stop making an egghibit of yourself… Treasure Island Dizzy

Great Scott!!!

Great Scott!!!   A short note and update in the world of Reality Glitch Online. Not only is this a year for some awesome anniversary’s (Mario and Back to the Future both celebrating 25 years) but it is a year ago today that I also started my blog. My first post was on October 31st 2009 … More Great Scott!!!