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Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Thursday Gallery

September 26, 2013
Sneaky worm

Boggy B, working the room, what a gu…. eh, worm!

Thought I’d give you a quick round-up of my first day (Thursday) at the Eurogamer Expo so please check out the gallery below.

A few highlights of the day were:

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, I enjoyed this glossy hark back to the SNES days of adventuring through Hyrule, top down view with an added surprise or two.

Wolfenstein: The New Order from developer MachineGames, with BJ Blazkowicz blasting his way through hordes of bad guys, no motion sickness with this one…

The awesome Monkey Island 2: Le Chucks Revenge cover art on canvas by Steve Purcell… I really wanted to buy this… was it for sale?

and last but not least, the Replay Zone making another triumphant return. I managed to get some Tomb Raider (PS1) action going, Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive, and Goldeneye on the N64.

Low lights (is that really a thing?) were:

The food and drink prices, astronomical as usual, packed lunch for next time methinks.

Having a press pass, and then not being let into the press area… I expect this was just a breakdown in communication somewhere along the line but it was a bit embarrassing to stroll up expecting to sit down and write some stuff up and be told you can’t come in. The guy stopping me was pretty adamant he was right, however the girl on the desk didn’t seem to have any problems with me going in, I chose to believe her instead.

Thanks for looking 😀

Tomorrow I’ll be (hopefully) partaking in some Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD, Sonic Lost World, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag and Batman: Arkham Origins. I’m also hoping I get to meet some more people from the world of twitter too!

Please visit the Eurogamer Expo website for more information on the event!


Retro Collectors: Andy – Sega Saturn Collection

September 21, 2013

A while back I featured a post concerning retro collecting, and what systems people thought were the hardest to collect for, the results were interesting.

Carrying on from that (sort of) I thought I’d catch up with an old friend to see how his Sega Saturn collection was doing, I was pretty surprised how much it had grown.

Whilst we snapped away with the camera I threw in a few random questions (to be honest I’m not so good at this journalism/interview malarkey) about his collection. Here they are below, compared to my few games for the Saturn this one is immense (more than a few in there I’d like to get my hands on). Anyway, hope you find it informative, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Q: How many games do you have?

A: I have around 130, mostly PAL but with some Japanese games thrown in for good measure, notably X-Men V’s Street Fighter and Street Fighter Zero 3. I have some duplicates of the PAL games, and around 20 demo discs.

Lets just say, they didn't all fit into one photo.

Lets just say, they didn’t all fit into one photo.

Q: Where do you acquire the majority of your games?

A: eBay mostly, some I’ve owned since getting a Saturn back in the day.

The other half! Japanese games in the bottom right.

The other half! Japanese games in the bottom right.

Q: How long have you been collecting?

A: I’d say since the actual release of the Saturn, I’ve been collecting more seriously in recent years but a lot of the games I bought back in the day are still in my collection, it has just kept on growing since then.

Deep Fear, survival horror game released in 1998, the last for the PAL Saturn.

Deep Fear, survival horror game released in 1998, the last for the PAL Saturn.

Q: What’s your rarest game?

A: It’s sometimes hard to define rare, games that sell for a lot of money can appear on eBay quite regularly, so I wouldn’t class them as rare, just sort after or popular. The rarest game in my collection (to me) is probably Deep Fear, as it was the last Sega Saturn game to be released in Europe for the PAL Saturn.

Top 5, who wouldn't want to play a game called Three Dirty Dwarves?

Top 5, who wouldn’t want to play a game called Three Dirty Dwarves?

Q: What is your Top 5 in your collection? (Ed – hack journalism at its best)

A: Tough question – these could easily change but at the moment I’d say:

Guardian Heroes

Deep Fear

Panzer Dragoon

Three Dirty Dwarves

Street Fighter Collection

Hardware! Note the sega saturn mouse, virtua stick, action replay cart,  and the 6 player multi taps.

Hardware! Note the Sega Saturn mouse, virtua stick, action replay cart, and the 6 player multi taps.

Q: Are there any more games/hardware you’re currently looking for?

A: I have a check list, there’s a lot more gaps to fill, time and money should hopefully take care of it though. A couple of games I’m still looking to get are Bust a Move 3 and Mr. Bones.

Demo discs!

Demo discs!

Thanks to Andy for letting me take the pictures, for answering my random/vague questions, and for the awesome game of Street Fighter Zero 3.

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