About: Reality Glitch Online

My name is James and I am currently working in the field of academic publishing. However my passion has always been film and gaming, which includes writing about them!

I have loved gaming since I first played the my NES and Amiga 500 back in the day and have grown up with each console and system since then, I currently favour my PC which I use for retro gaming as well as the odd modern game now and then. Some of my favourite games include Monkey Island, Hunter, Switchblade II, Lylat Wars, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Sonic the Hedgehog, Toejam and Earl, Turrican, Space Invaders, Arkanoid and more recent titles Half Life 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Ghostbusters.

I’m a huge fan of movies from the 1970’s as well as classic 80’s movies anyone of my generation can remember, so hopefully I’ll get around to having a look back at some of these! Some of my all time favourite films are Went the Day Well, Kind Hearts and Coronets, The Graduate, Logans Run, Planet of the Apes, Back to the Future, Highlander, Ghostbusters and anything James Bond (except maybe Die Another Day).

Hopefully I’ll be posting at least twice a week, mid week minis and then a review at the weekend. Any changes to the plan will appear in anouncements, however, I do love it when a plan comes together so this wont happen very often!

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting my blog!


One Response to “About: Reality Glitch Online”

  1. realityglitch Says:

    The story so far and plenty more to come! Some retro games covered Dune II, Hunter, Midnight Resistance, Monkey Island, Spellbound Dizzy, and movie related posts Basil Poledouris , Enter the Dragon and Hot Fuzz!

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