Autograph collecting, or, the just for Steve post…

Ben Browder signing (Farscape)

One of my other hobbies, next to retro gaming, is autograph collecting. Over the years I’ve attended the London Film and Comic Con, (London), Collectormania (Milton Keynes) and Memorabilia (Birmingham). One of the first autographs I ever got was from Chris Barrie, who did a signing at the Cascades in Portsmouth on the 16th November 1995.

The picture above is from the most recent event I attended, the London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) 2012. All are fantastic events and always host a huge array of TV and film stars from past and present TV shows and film. This blog post was inspired by this most recent trip held at the Kensingston Olympia, and also by the visit of Steve and Sarah who were visiting from the US, also avid autograph collectors.

Mercedes McNab signing (Angel)

People attend these events for a variety of reason, if not all of them, collecting autographs, listening to talks, buying memorabilia, cosplay. However I tend to focus on the autographs and only usually attend if there is a particular one I want, at this particular event I got the autographs of Alex Winter (Bill and Ted), Michael Winslow (Police Academy) and Ben Browder (Farscape). There were a few I missed out on this time (Karl Urban, Jewel Staite, Tom Skerritt) mainly due to money and time, so I’m hoping they’ll appear at future shows.

Anyways, especially for Steve, in an across the pond game of autograph “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”, here is some of my collection! They range from autographs from Red Dwarf, Star Wars, Buffy and some voice over artists. My favourites include Christopher Lambert (LFCC, 2011) from Highlander, and Seth MacFarlane (Posted, 2010) a signed picture of Stewie Griffin.

Autographs not pictured, as they are in a separate file I’ll need to dig out at some point (might do a Part 2) include:

Norman Lovett (Holly, Red Dwarf), Richard Kiel (Jaws, The Spy Who Loved Me), John Moreno (Luigi Ferrara, For Your Eyes Only), John Wyman (Erich Kriegler, For Your Eyes Only), Mercedes McNab (Harmony, Angel), Frank Welker (Ray Stantz, The Real Ghostbusters), John Rhys-Davies (Gimli, Lord of the Rings), Sean Astin (Sam, Lord of the Rings), Brian Tochi (Leonardo (voice), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Anthony Head (Giles, Buffy), John Virgo (Snooker Player), Jimmy White (Snooker Player), Spike Milligan (Comedian), Rich Hall (Comedian), Cam Clarke, (Kaneda (voice), Akira).

If you want to check out Steve’s awesome collection please head over to his blog post, linked below, and a link to his autograph collection gallery. ‏

You can also follow Steve on twitter @wizzer2801

Wizzers World

Autograph Gallery


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